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We are a 100% Mexican business group that over the past three decades has created sustainable and innovative experiences inspired by respect for nature, culture and life; passionate and extraordinary hosts serving our visitors, guests and partners.

We generate moments of intense happiness through the most iconic experiences of Cancun, Riviera Maya and Yucatan, including parks and tours, as well as hotels under the All-Fun Inclusive® modality, a sustainable tourism concept with a focus on adventure, culture, entertainment and art.


01 vision

To be unique in sustainable tourist recreation.

02 mission

To create and share dreams.

03 values

1. Safety above all
2. Absolute integrity
3. A passion for innovation
4. The joy of serving
5. Xustainable evolution

04 purpose

To make the planet happier, spreading our great love for Mexico.


What makes us unique?

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Una profunda atención al detalle.
Un visible amor por México en cada rincón y en el corazón de nuestras experiencias.
Una amplia visión de desarrollo sostenible fomentando el respeto por la naturaleza, las personas y la prosperidad.
Amamos lo que hacemos.
Celebramos la creatividad en todos sus aspectos.
Velamos por la propagación y difusión de lo mejor de la cultura, poniendo en alto el nombre de México en todo el mundo.
Portamos el estandarte de la integridad absoluta a donde quiera que vayamos.
Hacemos las cosas bien, sin importar quién las vea.




At Grupo Xcaret, part of our great love for Mexico is reflected in the cultural expressions and manifestations that we respect, and which their bearers display in the spaces that are made available to them to teach, celebrate, and share the beauty, wealth, and depth that emanates from them.

Here is a very brief description of some samples that are divided into two large groups: (i) Reinterpreted Archaeological Manifestations, based on archaeological elements that we’ve been able to reinterpret, sharing the vision of specialists who invite us to look at what could have been the pre-Hispanic Maya world; (ii) Living Manifestations, manifestations of the cultural heritage of indigenous people and communities, of mestizo communities, and carriers who, according to their uses and customs, come to us to share and celebrate them.

Aware of the importance and transcendence of the manifestations of the cultural heritage of indigenous people and communities, and of mestizo communities and carriers, as an expression of Mexico’s generosity, we’ve taken actions consistent with the Mexican Constitutional Block, the best national and international practices, and international conventions that seek its proper management and unrestricted respect for human rights.




For us, sustainability is the balanced creation of economic, sociocultural and environmental value that guarantees the harmonious growth of our business, the well-being of the communities and the environment in which we operate. Sustainability has been inserted into the strategic agenda of our group and is one of the elements that are part of our unique management style.


We endorse our commitment to the sustainable management of all our operations, convinced of its importance and of the present and future benefits that the sustainable development approach entails.



In 2020, our Xustainability Model evolved along with our expanded offer, incorporating our participation in the hotel, parks and tours sector. This evolution updates and integrates issues that serve and make our main stakeholders visible.

Our model allows us to easily communicate the actions aimed at the performance of a prosperous business, the generation of social well-being and the conservation of our environment. The scope of our actions has two dimensions: internal, which includes all the actions carried out within the company and that are related to business development; and the external one, which considers all the actions that have an impact on the environment where the company operates.

Grupo Xcaret’s Xustainability Model is based on the three pillars of sustainable development: people, planet and prosperity. They bring topics together and stay ahead through innovation.


Pillar that focuses on social aspects in relation to respect for human dignity, quality of life, as well as preservation, dissemination of cultural heritage and education; actions aimed at raising the well- being of people and communities.

At Grupo Xcaret, respect for human dignity is the guiding principle of our behavior. We uphold respect for human rights in each of our interactions with our stakeholders. We respect and value diversity, understanding that we all have the right to be different.


Pillar that contemplates the issues of corporate governance, business ethics, economic performance, development of the value chain, responsible marketing and promotion of Mexican economy, which govern the actions aimed at seeking business growth that generates economic well-being at local, regional and national levels.

At Grupo Xcaret, we are committed to promoting Mexican economy, which is why we establish actions, programs, policies and processes aimed at raising the economy of our region and country.


Pillar that includes programs and projects that support actions aimed at preserving the environment and its conservation. It covers two aspects: the conservation of ecosystems and species, as well as animal welfare. This pillar reflects that, through our actions, we can achieve a friendlier relationship with the environment.

We understand the importance of living in a balanced way with the nature that surrounds us, since by preserving our ecosystems, we allow the generation of environmental benefits that make possible the full satisfaction of current and future needs.


Signatory Company of the United Nations Global Compact

In 2005, we signed the United Nations Global Compact. We’re part of Mexico’s directing board. We’re committed to work legally, respecting human rights, and caring for our coworkers as well as nature.



Great Place To Work

Since 2002, we’re classified as one of the best companies to work in Mexico by the Great Place to Work institute.

Travvy Awards

During four consecutive years Xcaret won the Best Theme and Water Park in the World, awarded by the most important travel agencies in the United States, recognizing the group as one of the best international examples of quality and excellence in tourist service.

Best Work Places for Women

In 2022, Grupo Xcaret received the award as one of the Best Work Places for Women.


In 2021, the show Xcaret México Espectacular won the IAAPA Brass Ring award for the best theatrical production, worldwide.

Hotel Awards Best Family Geteaway and Reader’s Choice

En 2018, Hotel Xcaret México recibió el reconocimiento de Hotel Awards Best Family Getaway por la revista Travel + Leisure México como una experiencia única de hospedaje en donde todos en familia puedan disfrutar del viaje; recibió también el reconocimiento de Hotel Awards Reader’s Choice por la revista Travel + Leisure México al haber sido elegido por el público como uno de los hoteles favoritos por los viajeros que han tenido la oportunidad de hospedarse.


Within TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2021, experiences such as Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xenotes and Xoximilco are among the 10% of the best attractions in the world. Xavage made it into the top 1% of “Best of the Best 2021”.

AAA Five Diamond Award

La Casa de la Playa receives the AAA Five Diamond designation for the ultimate world-class luxury, amenities, and indulgence for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To earn the distinctive, hotels and restaurants had to pass a rigorous evaluation that included unannounced, in-person inspections, anonymous overnight stays for hotels, and a review by a panel of experts as a final step to ensure credibility.

Works of the Year

Hotel Xcaret México was recognized as a winner Economic Innovation, Tourism and Hospitality, and People’s Choice of the 15th edition of the Works of the Year awards.

World’s Greatest Places

Time magazine awarded Hotel Xcaret México as one of their World’s Greatest Places after being considered one of the best places to get to know in the world in the hospitality category.

Ulysses Prize

World Tourism Organization’s prize to responsible, ethical and innovative tourism projects.

Gold Award Winner

Hotel Xcaret México received the Gold Award Winner in the Best cultural Immersion Experience category. This award is given by the Prevue Meetings and Incentives magazine to recognize destinations, hotels and resorts, cruises, and airlines with a vision of the future in the industry.


Sony Pictures Television

Latin American Regional Award by Sony Pictures Television for the film ”Volando a Casa” about our Scarlet Macaw Reproduction and Reintroduction Program in the Chiapas and Veracruz jungle. This documentary was produced in alliance with Bicho Studio.

World Travel Awards 

In 2022, the most prestigious awards in the world recognized Xcaret as the best Leading Adventure Tour Operator in Mexico, Hotel Xcaret Arte as the Best New Leading Hotel in Mexico and Central America and, La Casa de la Playa was recognized as the Best Leading Boutique Hotel.

Forbes Travel Guide

La Casa de la Playa achieved a Five-Star rating by Forbes Travel Guide 2024 for meeting the standards of excepcional service, welcoming atmosphere, and top-notch treatments that exceed expectations, thus enhancing our guests´experience.


Earth Check

Xcaret, Xel-Há and Xplor were the first parks to be recognized internationally for their good natural resource management for the benefit of tourism.

Sustainability Award

Tourism Secretariat recognized Xcaret and Xel-Há parks for its good environmental practices in the tourism sector.

Socially Responsible Company

First company in Cancun and Riviera Maya to be recognized by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) as a Socially Responsible Company. Since 2002, we’re committed to operate with profound respect for the environment and the communities in which we are present.


The ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) certification in all our adventure activities guarantees that the design, materials, safety protocols, maintenance, and facilities are up to the highest safety standards in the world. This also guarantees that the operators have the professional training required for the visitor’s safety.

Distintivo H

Food and beverages in our parks are produced with quality and hygiene. This certificate is awarded by the Health Secretariat.


Hotel Xcaret México received the Cristal Certification in its FoodCheck, AquaCheck, SafetyCheck, FireCheck, SpaCheck, and RoomCheck modalities. This certificate is awarded by Intertek Cristal to tourism and hotel complexes for keeping the health and hygiene norms in all its areas, facilities, and services. Our restaurants and bars at Xcaret, Xel-Há, and Xplor were also awarded in the FoodCheck, SafetyCheck, and FireCheck modalities.

Safe Travels

Grupo Xcaret was the first recreational group to receive this certificate. This is a seal that recognizes the total and proper application of hygiene measures established in the protocols set for destinations as well as companies.


IAAPA Safety Committee Member

Safety is our number one priority. We are members of the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Safety Committee, which promotes the development of safety standards worldwide. We work with ASTM International and other groups to establish norms and keep safety and maintenance requirements up to date in the industry.

Member of ASTM International

We’re members of the ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials), an organization dedicated to develop and publish voluntary accords in technical norms for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. There are currently around 12,575 voluntary accords for worldwide application.

ASIS Internacional

A global community that gathers safety professionals from over 125 countries. This organism emits diverse certifications, standards, and guidelines for the professionalization of safety.

Xcaret Business Development Team

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